Platform Game Ayo The Clown Launched on Kickstarter

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New York, NY — 01/19/2017 –New York game developers and mobile app publishers, Cloud M1 LLC, have launched a colorful and fun new digital platform game on crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, which has already featured the campaign in their “Projects We Love” and “Project of the Day” sections. Inspired by clowns and juggling performers, Ayo The Clown will appeal to younger children as well as older or more hardcore gamers. Youngsters will love the adorable cartoon clown character and the platform design, which resembles originals like Donkey Kong and Super Mario World, is sure to appeal to fans of the addictive platform gaming genre of the 80s and 90s.

Most of the work has been completed on Ayo The Clown and the game is now at the stage where a playable demo is available to download to PC. Gamers can get a good idea of what it’s like to take Ayo through the various levels of his world where they might need to jump shark-infested waters, swing by vines over snapping gators in swamps, or dodge threatening Japanese Sumos made from rock.Backers are now needed to raise funds so the talented team at Cloud M1 LLC can provide the finishing touches to the story and develop more levels. They want to make the game available for general release at the end of 2017 or early 2018. The creators plan to make Ayo The Clown available for PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, iOS, and Android.

“Ayo the Clown is a game that goes back to a time when games were simply for fun. With colorful graphics, memorable characters and dynamic level design, Ayo challenges players at every turn,” says Xiu Liang, Game Director at Cloud M1 LLC. “With this game, we hope to create something everyone can enjoy.”A timeless genre, older platform-type gamers will feel comfortably familiar with the format and may even feel transported back to their childhood. Fans of more recent games, such as the Legend of Zelda series, will also recognize the structure, whereby the character’s full potential is not realized at the outset; rather, the character grows and develops more skills as the game progresses.

The object of this vibrant, imaginative game is to help Ayo, a cute, juggling clown, find his missing dog, his best friend Bo. Ayo travels through eight immersive game worlds collecting comic book pages in each level to solve the mystery behind Bo’s disappearance. Obstacles include dodging missiles, falling parachutes, driving rain, pitch black night, and streams of fire as Ayo’s whoops of delight are heard against the upbeat soundtrack that was composed especially for the game.On a deeper level, the game captures the emotions of loyalty, friendship, and dedication as Ayo acquires collectibles and rewards, solves puzzles and quests, rides in tanks and helicopters, and collects lives on his adventures. Gamers can also collect accessories to change Ayo’s appearance.

For just $19, backers on Kickstarter will receive a package of benefits to include the following: a digital version of the game and a cape for Ayo, a PDF copy of the manual, a digital download of Ayo as a paper model, access to beta testing and a development poll, their name in the game’s credits, and access to developer blogs and forum.

Interested backers can make a pledge using the Kickstarter link or follow Ayo The Clown on Twitter and Facebook.

A free demo for download is available here:

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Ayo the Clown Kickstarter Campaign is Now Live!

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Finally, our Kickstarter campaign is NOW LIVE! Please follow this link: to view the campaign. In it you will find a ton of information about our game and a playable demo too! Come check out our latest progress on the campaign and stay connected! Your support is very important to us.
Again, here are some of the Kickstarter only items available for backers of the campaign. Quantity might be limited, be sure to grab yours early!:
  • Kickstarter backer only in game cape
  • Kickstarter backer only in game hat
  • Physical game copies
  • Soft and hard cover art books
  • 3D printed figure
  • Signed post cards
  • 18”x24” poster
Mockup of Game Box and Art Book.

Mockup of Game Box and Art Book.

Paper craft Ayo, Poster, and the 3D printed figure(Early Mockup).

Paper craft Ayo, Poster, and the 3D printed figure(Early Mockup).

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Did Anyone Say Ayo the Clown? Quirky Platform Game Kickstarts Today!

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January 10th, New York – Ayo the Clown brings back to gamers the super-fun platformer games like Super Mario Bros or Yoshi. Play as an adorable clown and experience the unexpected in a world full of color and imagination. Explore unique game worlds, solve light puzzles and side quests, and gain skills in your search for Bo’s beloved dog. Did he run away? Was he kidnapped? Is he in hiding?

Vibrant and colorful, cute and uproarious, Ayo the Clown is for gamers of all ages. Help us bring him to life! The game features:

  • 8 immersive game worlds.
  • Unique art style with colorful graphics and detailed animation.
  • Original soundtrack composed just for the game.
  • Challenging but fun platforming for both casual and hardcore action platformer fans.
  • Ride vehicles like a tank or a helicopter.
  • An original comic book that can be collected throughout the game.
  • Many secret areas and hidden collectibles.
  • Light puzzle elements.
  • An intimate story where Ayo finding his courage and trying to rescue his best friend.
  • Many quirky and memorable characters with their own unique personalities.
  • An action platformer that is suitable for all ages.

“Ayo the Clown is a game that goes back to a time when they were simply just fun. With colorful graphics, memorable characters and dynamic level design that challenges the players at every turn. With this game, we hope to create something that everyone can enjoy.”
– Xiu, Game Director

About Cloud M1:

Cloud M1 started as a studio for 3D animation projects. Over the years we have helped to create many commercials for tv and web. We have also participated in various CG projects for advertising and media. While working on the CG projects we had attracted many talents so we decided to create projects of our own and entered the mobile app space. Since then, we had published a few games and apps for iOS. Ayo the Clown will be our biggest game yet. Soon to be available on PC platforms and possible home consoles. Visit for more details.


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Town Hub Rendering

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Early rendered screenshot of the town hub. Here Ayo will meet many interesting characters and be able to purchase power-ups and collectibles. Gameplay video coming soon!

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