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Developer Update #4: Happy holidays!

By 12/28/2016Blog

Hope you all had a great time over the holidays! All of us here had gotten some rest as well but there are so much to talk about so we’re back with another update!

Today we talk a little about the characters featured in the game. Ayo the Clown has an overarching story that connects all the characters and maps together. While Ayo is on a quest to find his dog, Bo, he encounters many characters, good and bad, on his journey. All of them plays a role in the narrative. Expect to run into them throughout the levels.Ayo – The “Hero” of the game. Isn’t really all that heroic in the beginning but determines to find his dog, Bo.Bo – Ayo’s dog, puppy in distress.

Shoe Maker – A pretty grumpy old man but legendary in shoe making. Provides power ups for Ayo.Pan – Shoe Maker’s granddaughter. Headstrong and brave. Ayo is very fond of her.

Balloon Lady – Timid and frail, does everything she could to help Ayo with all the balloon upgrades on his journey.Fairy Mother – Helps Ayo in times of need. Loves snacks.

Eric the Turtle – Likes to get out of his shell a lot, because it’s hot in there.Wolf Dude – Courteous and tries to aid Ayo in his search.

Bear Guy – A guy happens to be in the wrong place at a wrong time.Fox Burglar – Sneaky and likes to steal many things. It’s up to Ayo and company to stop him.

Sleepy Cat – Really lazy cat that can’t even bother to get his own food.

Professor Mole – A professor in archeology. Runs a museum underground.

Frog King – Self proclaimed boss of the ponds. Proud of his rapping skillz.

There are plenty more characters in the game. Too many to include in one article as matter of fact. More concept art can be found for some of them in the game page. Thank you for reading and we hope you like these characters!

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