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August 2015

A Radish and a Turtle

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A radish and a turtle. The radish will actually guide you through the game. The turtle? he’s just there to have fun. lol.
Our Kickstarter Campaign should be up soon, and will definitely have a demo out for you people who can’t wait to get your hands on. Please spread the word if you think someone might like this game. Thank you!  🙂



Fox Thief

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Here’s another character, a fox thief…or is it thief fox? Wonder what his role will be in our game “Ayo The Clown”? you’ll find out soon enough. 😉


New Character Design

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With launching our Kickstarter Campaign near, we are completely revamping the characters for our game with a new design. First on the list is the Shoe Maker who will grant Ayo some of his skills. Please feel free to leave a comment to let us know what you think. 🙂