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April 2016

PAX East 2016 Retrospective

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PAX East 2016 was amazing. We’re so glad that we were able to attend. Not only that we got to see many interesting and fun indie projects we also got to meet the talented developers. It was very exciting to see what other people are working on. Also Kickstarter really helped us out by having us at their room, we really appreciate the opportunity and hope to launch our Kickstarter campaign soon.

Also thank you all who had stopped by our booth to try out our game, we hope you had fun with Ayo the Clown. We had learned so much just from watching you play the game and we really appreciate all the feedback that you’ve given us.

Here are some interviews that we recorded at PAX, you can hear what they had to say about our game. Thanks again for all the kind words and encouragement. We’ll do our best to finish the game as soon as we can, and make it as fun as possible.