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January 2017

Developer Update #6: Happy New Year, and more on the demo!

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Hello 2017! A couple quick updates for the new year! Our Kickstarter campaign is about to launch in less than two weeks! Also, we’ll be adding more exciting features to the next version of the playable demo. Which will be downloadable at the same time as the campaign launch.

Our Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on January 10 2017. Please mark the date and come check it out. We can’t wait to show you what we had prepared. Your support, no matter what amount, will be very important to us. We want to deliver the game as earlier as we can and hitting the campaign goal will definitely help that very much.

More on the Kickstarter campaign later but another exciting update is that new features are being added to the demo. Features like, a world map, giving a glimpse of the overhead world map where Ayo will make his epic journey in. Thought you did well in the demo stages and collected all the gems? A full stage ending sequence and a scoreboard will be added so you can actually see the results of your skillful gameplay. The levels are also tweaked to provide a proper challenge. Finally, a new checkpoint system is also being added to the demo which will allow players to receive more rewards by taking more risks.World mapWith the new additions we hope that the demo will now serve better as a more complete experience that we want to deliver with the final game. Of course, things are still subjected to change and we’d love your help with that. Again please feel free to contact us anything with any questions or suggestions. Lastly, we hope you would enjoy our demo and have a good holidays!