Ayo awakens one night to a deafening crash, but not from the storm that roars outside his bedroom window. No… it seems it came from within the room. He stumbles in a stupor to his dog Bo’s bed and finds a mess. The flower pot has been knocked over and the wall is decorated in muddy paw-prints.

But Bo is nowhere to be found.

Devastated and confused, Ayo charges into the storm to find his favorite canine juggling partner.

Ayo the Clown is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer reminiscent of genre favorites like Mario and Donkey Kong. What sets Ayo the Clown apart from traditional platformers is its sense of adventure, charming and humorous characters, and RPG elements.Like the Legend of Zelda series, Ayo’s potential isn’t realized at the game’s offset. You will collect skill upgrades and extra hearts that add to your overall life as you progress through this lush world.

What’s more is Ayo’s lighthearted, but emotional storyline. Collectible comic book pages in each level tear away the mystery behind Bo’s disappearance and drive Ayo onward. Collect them all to paint the whole picture!

The game boasts more than 30 beautifully rendered environments, each riddled with dangerous obstacles that stand between the clown and his best friend.

Players will see Ayo double-jump shark-strewn waters, vine-swing over gators in the swamplands, before he takes to the air with his trusty balloon — all to stay on Bo’s trail.


Please check out some gameplay videos below.

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