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April 2020

New Ayo Cover

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Hope you are staying safe in this uncertain times( and enjoying as much video games as possible while you are locked in). It’s been 3 weeks of social distancing at home with my 2 little helpers(3&4 year old sons) and things are a little crazy around here, luckily they are at the age where they start to play with each other and not bothering me too much so I can get some stuff done for the game.
New Cover
We are in the process of creating a new cover that’s a little bit more normal, but we will still use our old screaming clown somewhere. lol.


Finally, all cutscenes are done, that’s including music, sfx, and voice over. Yay! Blurred them a little to make sure there are no spoilers. lol.

The bosses are taking more time than we had anticipated, still finishing up boss 6, 7, and 8 with sound effects and particles. It’s still in a good place and on schedule though, just need to work a little faster. 🙂
General Progress
We are trying to finishing up all the game music and sound effects for the game, hopefully by the end of this month, then we can cross this out on our to do list. Currently, we are spending about 80 percent of our time organizing assets and testing out the build and getting the beta ready. It’s a lot of work involved, and because of the virus, we are all staying in and working double time.
Until next time. Happy clowning. 🙂