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Developer Update #3: What is this game?

By 12/17/2016Blog

Ayo the ClownWhat is Ayo the Clown? Whose wicked mind came up with this? 😉

Ayo the Clown is the brainchild of Xiu, who is the director of Cloud M1. How he came up with the idea of a clown going on an epic adventure is anyone’s guess. Perhaps Xiu himself wasn’t too sure either. At first Ayo the Clown was meant to be an infinite runner game for mobile. However as the development and creative process went on, bigger and more ambitious plans were made so everyone decided to make Ayo the Clown into a full featured action platformer for PC and Consoles, where players would likely to have access to a controller which will enable tighter gameplay.

As fans of classic gaming, Ayo the Clown were inspired from many of the great games of previous generations. Most of us here grew up playing games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Yoshi’s Island, just to name a few. Their simplicity and creativity really pushed the boundaries of gaming, even with the hardware available at the time and it affects us greatly. We’re still very fond of those game because they were just fun. Simple but flexible, basic but dynamic. We aim to create that same old feeling where things weren’t so complicated and games are just exciting to play from start to finish.

We picked action platformer because at its core, it’s a genre with simple controls but yet so dynamic that players are free to do anything, go anywhere. We want to make something that there’s not much learning curve, anyone can pick up and play while also being interesting for the people who’s just watching the gameplay. Action platformers were great in a way that it is easy to start, rewards skill play and just exciting to look at.Fun platformsThere were so many great games to draw inspiration from and so we did. We are taking a lot of fun mechanics from other classics and trying to make them play together smoothly. Features like numerous skills that Ayo can pick up along the way, similar to Metroid or Megaman. Vehicles that Ayo can ride, like Yoshi or Kirby’s many forms. Exciting and dynamic boss fights like Donkey Kong Country and many other series. All those games affected us greatly and we want to bring that feeling back in our game as well, hoping the players would relive those moments or experience them for the first time.More exciting platformsWhile it’s fun to talk about the game all day but I believe trying them out yourself is a better option. Again, we had prepared a playable demo for download on our site. We’d love to have you check it out and let us know what you think.

We’ll definitely talk more about the game in the upcoming updates but we will also include a ton of that information in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign which will launch on January 10, 2016. We hope you will come and check out our campaign.

Finally, we want Ayo the Clown to be a game for everyone so we welcome any feedback from the community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, thanks!

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