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Developer Update #2: Why Kickstarter

By 12/14/2016Blog

FactoryHello again! Last time we finally had a proper introduction of who Cloud M1 is and what we do. Today we’ll talk a bit about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Ayo the Clown is a huge game, especially for an Indie team such as us. After a couple years we had completed majority of the core gameplay elements which include how Ayo moves and animates, his skill set, vehicles, many platforms, enemies, etc. Even at pre-alpha stage we’re very proud of what we had built so far. If you have a chance please try out the fully playable demo and you can see what we mean. What’s left now is to flesh out the rest of the game which mainly includes the complete level design, story writing, and countless back and forth on balancing all the game play elements to make it just right. A lot of times it’s just nonstop tweaking, which brings me to the next point.

Why Kickstarter? Besides the obvious goal of raising funds that would help us complete the game faster and putting in more features that we want but might not get to with our limited resources. What we really want is to share Ayo the Clown with the world. We aim to build a game for peopleĀ of all agesĀ and not just us. Kickstarter isn’t just a crowd funding platform but also a great place where Indie developers can get some visibility with their projects and not to mention a channel to interact with their audience directly. Ayo the Clown isn’t just a game created from our vision but also something that we want to perfect with the community feedback so everyone can enjoy the end product. So with Kickstarter, we wish to reach as many fans of the genre as we can and hear their voices. Hopefully Kickstarter will help us achieve that goal.

It is also very exciting to share our game with the world through Kickstarter. Everyone had a great time preparing a campaign that showcases various features and elements of our game. Planning for the reward tiers was also a fun challenge. As mentioned before, Ayo the Clown is a game that we want to build with the community, so in our higher reward tiers we have things like fan designed enemies, puzzles and people can have items of their choosing or even their likeness added to the game just to name a few.


Finally, our Kickstarter campaign will launch on January 10, 2017 which is very close. We will talk more about the campaign in the following updates so please stay tuned. And that about wraps it up for our very first developer update. Everyone here at Cloud M1 is very passionate about Ayo the Clown and we hope you will like the game too.

Until next time!
Cloud M1

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