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Developer Update #1: The Beginning

By 12/09/2016December 10th, 2016Blog

Ayo and his pal BoWelcome to the very first official Cloud M1 developer update! We have not been very talkative about our progress and project yet but from now on these updates will be more frequent so please check back often. Also a quick note, our Kickstarter campaign will go live on January 10, 2017 and we will let you know more on that in the following updates.

As the first real update, we figure we ought to introduce the team and talk a little about the studio, Cloud M1.

Cloud M1Cloud M1 was found on 2009, by Xiu Liang. Cloud M1 started as a studio for 3D animation projects. Over the years we have helped to create many commercials for tv and web. We have also participated in various CG projects for advertising and media. While working on the CG projects we had attracted many talents so we decided to create projects of our own and entered the mobile app space. Since then, we had published a few games and apps for iOS. However the majority of us here at Cloud M1 are huge gamers and fans of classic gaming and so we really wanted to devote ourselves on a project that’s of our own. With much planning and brainstorming, the action platformer, Ayo the Clown was born. It is our first full featured video game and we plan to take it as far as we can. A playable pre-alpha demo is available for download on our website right now.

Ayo the ClownAbout the game, Ayo the Clown is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer reminiscent of genre favorites like Mario and Donkey Kong. What sets Ayo the Clown apart from traditional platformers is its sense of adventure, light puzzle facets, and RPG elements.Like the Legend of Zelda series, Ayo’s potential isn’t realized at the game’s offset. You will collect skill upgrades and extra hearts that add to your overall life as you progress through this lush world.

As you can see, Ayo the Clown is a very ambitious project but thankfully we have a very hard working team with us at Cloud M1 who are pouring their heart and soul into the game. All of us here believe in the game and we hope you will too. So without further ado, here are the key members of the Cloud M1 Team for Ayo the Clown:

Xiu LiangXiu Liang-A 2D/3D artist by trade, a gamer by heart. Spent most of his waking hours playing games through the 90s and now it’s time for him to make them. Started Cloud M1 a few years ago and now dedicating 100% of it’s resources to Ayo The Clown. Favorite games: Street Fighter, Mario Bros, Zelda.

JD Lu-A dreamer and a developer, his biggest passion is to make video games. Helped in building Knight Blitz OMG and another very ambitious adventure game under Cloud M1 studio. When it comes to his passion, he doesn’t clown around. Favorite games: Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Fallout.

Quentin BellayQuentin Bellay-Growing up playing games like Sonic and Shenmue since 1991, only until recently has he figured out that his passion is to develop them. Besides helping making Ayo The Clown a reality, he also partakes in game jams, you know, he likes the excitement. Favorite games: Sonic, Shenmue, Super Meat Boy.

Christine TadaChristine Tada-A casual gamer by day, and casual gamer by night too. Loves playing video games, especially those with a good storyline, gorgeous graphics, and amazing music. Helping with the PR aspect and managing Ayo the Clown and making sure the world knows about it. Favorite games: Witcher Series, Fire Emblem, Diablo III, Portal

Nick DragonasNick Dragonas-A musician and composer, since 2000 he composed countless original music ranging from television to video games. He’s capable of composing music in many different musical genres, and his best friend is his guitar. Favorite games: Battlefield series, Batman Arkham City, Rayman.

And that about wraps it up for our very first developer update, hope you enjoyed it. We will talk more about the Kickstarter campaign in the following updates so please stay tuned. Everyone here at Cloud M1 is very passionate about Ayo the Clown and we hope you will like the game too.

Until next time!
Cloud M1

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