Developer Update #8: Let’s Kickstart This Thing

By 01/14/2017Blog

Happy New Year! The Ayo The Clown Team is deeply grateful to each and everyone of you who has backed our game, and equally grateful to those who have not backed us but helped us spread the word about how cute and colorful our game is. 🙂 With your help, we have raised over $4,000 in the first 3 days, the force is strong with you my friend.

However, it’s not the time to celebrate yet because we need to keep the momentum going. We’ve already received much assistance from the gaming community and it really warmed our hearts. However it’s still a ways to go till hitting the goal and we need your support to make that happen. Please tell your friends about the game, try out the demo, feedback is super welcome! Our ultimate goal is to create a game that everyone will enjoy.

More updates to the campaign to come, thank you all again for believing in the game!

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