Did Anyone Say Ayo the Clown? Quirky Platform Game Kickstarts Today!

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January 10th, New York – Ayo the Clown brings back to gamers the super-fun platformer games like Super Mario Bros or Yoshi. Play as an adorable clown and experience the unexpected in a world full of color and imagination. Explore unique game worlds, solve light puzzles and side quests, and gain skills in your search for Bo’s beloved dog. Did he run away? Was he kidnapped? Is he in hiding?


Vibrant and colorful, cute and uproarious, Ayo the Clown is for gamers of all ages. Help us bring him to life! The game features:

  • 8 immersive game worlds.
  • Unique art style with colorful graphics and detailed animation.
  • Original soundtrack composed just for the game.
  • Challenging but fun platforming for both casual and hardcore action platformer fans.
  • Ride vehicles like a tank or a helicopter.
  • An original comic book that can be collected throughout the game.
  • Many secret areas and hidden collectibles.
  • Light puzzle elements.
  • An intimate story where Ayo finding his courage and trying to rescue his best friend.
  • Many quirky and memorable characters with their own unique personalities.
  • An action platformer that is suitable for all ages.

“Ayo the Clown is a game that goes back to a time when they were simply just fun. With colorful graphics, memorable characters and dynamic level design that challenges the players at every turn. With this game, we hope to create something that everyone can enjoy.”
– Xiu, Game Director

About Cloud M1:

Cloud M1 started as a studio for 3D animation projects. Over the years we have helped to create many commercials for tv and web. We have also participated in various CG projects for advertising and media. While working on the CG projects we had attracted many talents so we decided to create projects of our own and entered the mobile app space. Since then, we had published a few games and apps for iOS. Ayo the Clown will be our biggest game yet. Soon to be available on PC platforms and possible home consoles. Visit https://www.cloudm1.com for more details.

Email: contact@cloudm1.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cloudm1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloudm1games/

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